Bioökonomie Terminkalender

  • 10.05.2017 - 11.05.2017, Köln

    10th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

    Die Konferenz bietet internationalen Branchengrößen aus dem bereich der bio-basierten Building-Blocks, Polymere und Biotechnologie eine Plattform, um ihre neuesten Entwicklungen und Strategien zu präsentieren und zu diskutieren.
    Kontakt: nova-Institut GmbH

  • 10.05.2017, Berlin (GER)

    Leading the way to a new European bioeconomy strategy

    In existing bioeconomy strategies, bioeconomy development is often seen as a separate sector (agri, forest, waste, marine). However, would it be more helpful to see bioeconomy as an overarching development and a way of thinking that needs to be mainstreamed to the whole economy, so that it can contribute to sustainable and circular economic development across the economy? This ThinkForest seminar addresses these issues, and asks the following questions: What are the possible gaps in existing bioeconomy strategies, and how should they be updated? What are the requirements for a successful Bioeconomy Strategy? How can we move from strategy to action?
    Kontakt: Lauri Hetemäki, European Forest Institute

  • 10.05.2017, Köln

    BIO-QED Stakeholder Workshop

    After a short overview of the project and the market for the BioQED platform chemicals BDO and IA, the rest of the workshop will focus on the applications of these value chains. Workshop participants will not only have the chance to network and discuss at the workshop coffee break together with the BMC-participants, at the end of the workshop they will also have the possibility to get to know other promising technologies and innovative ideas at the presentations for and the election of the “Bio-based Material of the Year“.
    Kontakt: Dominik Vogt, nova-Institut GmbH

  • 15.05.2017, Berlin

    Bordstep Impact Forum 2017

    Der Zusammenhang von ökonomischer, ökologischer und sozialer Nachhaltigkeit in der Innovations- und Gründungsförderung wird bislang nur punktuell thematisiert. Diese Frage rückt das Borderstep Impact Forum in den Fokus der Debatte. Die Veranstaltung bringt Start-ups und Gründungsförderakteure mit Vertretern von Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Klimalobby und Politik an einen Tisch.
    Kontakt: Anke Posthumus

  • 16.05.2017 - 18.05.2017, Hannover (GER)


    europäischer Branchentreff für die Biotechnologie, Life Sciences und Labortechnik
    Kontakt: Deutsche Messe AG

  • 17.05.2017 - 19.05.2017, Vienna (AT)

    3rd International Conference on Landscape and Human Health: Forests, Parks and Green Care

    Today’s western societies are faced with a growing incidence of poor health because of mental stress and sedentary lifestyles. Natural and cultural landscapes are increasingly seen as restorative settings, compensating for negative psycho-physiological effects on humans. For this reason the conference on Landscape and Human Health: Forests, Parks and Green Care provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent developments in the following research topics:
    Landscape effects on human health and well-being
    Methods for assessing landscape effects on human health and well-being
    Biodiversity and human health and well-being
    Effects of landscape structures and types on human health and well-being
    Forests as restorative places (e.g. forest therapy, forest bathing)
    Impacts of green care offers (e.g. social impacts, effects on health, well-being)
    Social impact of landscapes
    Social inclusion (of fringe groups) fostered by landscapes and green care offers
    The conference addresses researchers, public authorities, public health administrations as well as people involved/interested in landscape based health offers (e.g., farmers, forest enterprises, Green Care companies, managers of protected areas).
    Kontakt: Sylvia Stadler

  • 31.05.2017 - 01.06.2017, Amsterdam (NL)

    Bio-based Live – Creating sustainable products from bio-based Innovations

    The 2nd annual Bio-based Live congress, looks specificially at process innovation and technology that can ensure success along this journey. Optimising the process efficiency, driving innovation and reducing costs is key to creating competitive and sustainable bio-based products. Bio-based and green chemistry represents a new and important part of this. Bio-based Live looks at the demand for green and bio-based products and how companies can begin their sustainable journey.
    Kontakt: Bio-Based World

  • 07.06.2017 - 09.06.2017, Kiel (DE)

    3rd Euro Intelligent Materials

    The European Symposium is an excellent forum to get in contact with international key researchers and stimulate new collaborations for developing novel intelligent material systems and characterizing their functionality, from molecular mechanisms to applications.
    Kontakt: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V. DGM