• Biologization and digitization of the economy complement each other – the new High-Tech Strategy

    15.05.2017 - The bioeconomy is one of six future topics recommended for Germany’s innovation policy by the prestigious High-Tech Forum. In addition to digitization, the biologization of industry and sustainable development are the key drivers for future progress. More

  • Bioeconomy Council recommends focus areas for research strategy

    24.11.2016 - Today the Bioeconomy Council has handed-over its recommendations for continuing the “National Research Strategy BioEconomy” to State Secretary Dr. Georg Schütte. More

  • Global Agenda Adopted for Sustainable Bioeconomy

    19.04.2016 - Wood is a valuable resource for the bioeconomy and could be used much more efficiently in Germany. This is apparent from an analysis published today by the Biocconomy Council. More

  • Global Agenda Adopted for Sustainable Bioeconomy

    26.11.2015 - At the Global Bioeconomy Summit in Berlin, more than 850 participants from 82 nations set themselves the goal of increasing the involvement of the bioeconomy in sustainable development and the battle against climate change. More

  • First Global Summit on Bioeconomy and Sustainability

    25.11.2015 - The Global Bioeconomy Summit opened in Berlin today eight weeks after negotiations on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in New York and just one week before the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. More than 850 delegates from 82 countries have accepted the invitation extended by Germany's Bioeconomy Council to attend this first Global Bioeconomy Summit. More

  • Complex implementation rules compromise objectives of Nagoya Protocol

    02.07.2015 - Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in Europe is threatening to interfere considerably with the international scientific exchange of biological diversity. In the medium term, this would compromise the breeding of new plant species in agriculture or the use of biological principles in sectors such as medicine, the food processing or chemical industry. More

  • Bioeconomy Council welcomes commitment of BMEL to biobased economy

    21.05.2015 - During his visit to the Bioeconomy Council today, 21 May, Federal Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt said, "The bioeconomy offers huge opportunities for developing new value creation potential." More

  • German Bioeconomy Council releases new policy briefs on Agriculture, Chemical Industry and Plant Breeding

    13.01.2015 - The Bioeconomy Council of the German Federal Government publishes three short analyses with regard to the role of agriculture, chemistry and plant breeding for the advancement of the bioeconomy in Germany. The council concludes that the bio-based economy is increasingly acknowledged as an opportunity for ecological modernization. More

  • Biobased products